Sheriff Sales

Sheriff Sales have resumed for all properties.
Evictions of occupied properties are suspended pending revision of Governor Murphy’s order

COVID-19 Sheriff Sales Changes

  • Sheriff Sales will be held in the Jury Assembly Room. Overflow will be accommodated in the hallway outside Jury Assembly and the Multipurpose Room if necessary.
  • All attendees for Sheriff Sales will be required to wear a mask
  • Parties will be required to maintain 6 foot social distancing
  • Limited seating will be available
  • Attendance for Sheriff Sales will be limited to BIDDERS only.
  • No children should be attending.

NOTE:  Please be advised the order preventing residential evictions is STILL in effect and no residential evictions may proceed.

Current Adjournment Practice:


  • The Sheriff MAY GRANT a total of two adjournments to the defendant. The defendant must submit a request in writing being sure to include the reason the adjournment is needed. (Call ahead to make sure the property in which you are interested is still slated for sale).
  • There is a one-time cost of $28 for a defendant adjournment payable with the first request in cash or money order.  No personal checks.
  • The plaintiff may postpone a sale an unlimited number of times.

All writs of foreclosure received on or after 7/29/2019, per L.2019, c. 71, will be subject to the following adjournment practice:  

  • Plaintiffs and defendants are entitled to two (2) thirty (30) day adjournments each and one mutually agreed upon adjournment for thirty (30) days.  A fee will be charged for ALL adjournments. The defendant must submit a request in writing prior to the sale date. No personal checks will be accepted, cash or money orders only.
  • Sheriff's Sales are held on Thursday at 12:00 noon in the Multi-Purpose Room of the new Criminal Courthouse, 4997 Unami Blvd., Mays Landing, New Jersey.
  • All properties are advertised in local newspapers for four consecutive weeks prior to the original sale date.  You can also review the properties here.
  • All sales are advertised in the Atlantic City Press, which is a Monday publication and Atlantic County Record, which is a Wednesday.
  • Properties are sold to the highest bidder through an open competitive bidding process.
  • There is no inspection of the premises and they are sold in an "as is" condition.
  • Bids are made in increments of $500.00 or more.
  • The successful bidder is required to post a deposit of 20% of the total bid price.
  • Bid deposits must be in the form of a cash up to $1000, certified check, bank check or treasurer’s check. NO OTHER FORMS OF PAYMENT ARE ACCEPTED. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT UNION CHECKS.
  • The deposit is required immediately following the signing of the conditions of sale.
  • The balance of the winning bid is due and payable within 30 days following the sale.
  • Interest is charged from the 13th day after the sale to the date of payment on the balance due at the current lawful interest rate.
  • The successful bidder may take possession of the Sheriff's deed within 30 days providing the balance due has been paid.
  • The defendant has an unqualified right of redemption for 10 calendar days after the Sheriff's sale or until the delivery of the deed.
  • If the property is owner occupied, the purchaser must obtain a writ of possession to be served on the occupants. If the property is tenant   occupied, you must go through Landlord tenant court to have tenant evicted.   

NOTE: The Defendant (Original Owner) is the legal owner of the property until the Sheriff's Sale is finalized and the property deed has been rendered to the successful bidder. 

IMPORTANT:  This website and email system cannot be used to request an adjourment of any Sheriff's Sales.


Public notice: Atlantic County Sheriff's Sale - Minimum Bid


All scheduled Sheriff Sales from September 7, 2017 and going forward may be found here - Atlantic County, NJ - Foreclosure Sales Listing.
Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the Sheriff Sales Unit at 609-909-7225. 

If you have specific questions please feel free to email us through the Contact Us page or call and speak to:

Heather - (609) 909-7224
Terri -  (609) 909-7226

or -      (609) 909-7225