Legal Service Unit

The duties of the Legal Service Unit is to assist attorneys and pro se litigants by first processing and then delivering or "serving" the legal documents necessary for civil courts to conduct their business. The Officers assigned to this Unit provide legal service of court documents by delivering them to defendants and others, thereby commencing lawsuits, summonsing witnesses, and giving notice of protective orders.  Additionally, after the courts make judgments, the civil process staff help enforce these judgments by seizing property, garnishing wages and performing Sheriff's sales.

Summons & Complaint

Call: 609-909-7220

Pro Se

Fee for service $50.00 Cash/Money Order, No personal checks accepted.  3 Copies of the Summons and 2 copies of the Complaint for service sent to The Atlantic County Sheriff’s Office, 4997 Unami Boulevard, Mays Landing, NJ   08330.  The fee covers the cost of serving the papers and as many trips to the location without exceeding the $50 deposit.  You may come in and prepay for additional trips.

Attorney’s Office

When a Summons and Complaint package is received from an Attorney’s Office a $100.00 deposit is requested. 

                The Attorney’s Office will e-file their own Affidavit of Service with that “County of Venue”.
                Our Office will attempt service up to 5 times (3 daytime trips-2 nighttime trips).

Where to file for a Pro-Se Writ of Possession

Mailing Instructions
Writ of Possessions are filed in Trenton….
Mailing address
 Attn:  Foreclosure Unit
Superior Court Clerk’s Office
P.O. Box 971, Trenton, NJ  08625         
Note:  Clerk of the Superior Court-Michelle M. Smith-Clerk  $50.00 fee

In Person filing for Writ of Possession

GPS Address:  Justice Complex, 25 W. Market Street, 6th Floor, Trenton, NJ  08625

Scheduling a Pro-Se Writ of Possession Execution

When the Sheriff’s Office receives a Writ of Possession in our Office, the papers are Served/Posted at the residence, the Occupant(s) have 10 days to vacate on their own.
If the Occupants are not moved out in 10 days an Eviction date will be scheduled. 
The Occupants will receive a letter in the mail stating the date and time the Securing Agent (yourself or your agent) and the Officers will be at the residence to move out
 any personal belongings to a storage location and lock the residence. 

Note:  If the Occupants need more time beyond the date scheduled, they can fill out Motion papers in Atlantic City and ask for a Court date to speak to the Judge and ask for more time.

Per NJ Law you are required to hold the personal belongings for 30 days, if you do not hold the belongings for 30 days you face a potential lawsuit. 

Rights & Credits/Asset Levies 

Call 609-909-7223

  • 3 copies of the General Writ of Execution completed endorsement page and letter of instructions
  • Attorney check, money order  made payable to the Sheriff of Atlantic County or cash, no personal checks :
    $50.00 plus mileage to each location to be served in our county
  • Addresses are needed for all locations to be served. We are not able to investigate information.
  • Provide any/all identifiers along with defendant’s address for notice of debtor
  • Court turnover order of funds is needed if any monies are being held by any banks, rents, stocks and rights or credits.
  • Asset levies for vehicles (vehicle seizure) require a $500.00  deposit for tow costs plus $200.00 deposit for sheriff sale of vehicle.

All other asset levies sales require a $200.00 deposit.