Identification Bureau

The Identification Bureau is the major law enforcement photograph, fingerprint, and DNA acquisition point in Atlantic County. Identification services are provided to police departments in Atlantic County on a regular basis. The Identification Bureau is also the main law enforcement record management unit for the entire Sheriff's Office. The Identification Bureau, Communications and Records Department are crucial parts of the Sheriff's Office. The Bureau is responsible for the storage and maintenance of all criminal records of persons arrested within the Atlantic County area. Currently there are tens of thousands of individual records that are maintained within the files of the Identification Bureau. Each "jacket" contains pertinent information about the subject, such as state and federal fingerprint cards, local statistical sheets, and all pertinent criminal information such as mug shots, vital statistics and cross reference information. The assigned officers' duties include the filing and classification of all fingerprint cards received by the Identification Bureau. The filing and storage of all Criminal Records received from the FBI and the New Jersey State Police. It is also the responsibility of this unit to maintain and update all information stored in the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), used in the identification of fingerprints.

Identification Bureau Officer at work