Court Unit

Officers assigned to the Court Unit provide personal protection to Superior Court Judges and all police & first responder medical services required in the building and grounds of the criminal courthouse. Duties range from thorough security screening of all persons entering the courthouse to apprehending wanted persons entering the building, to investigating crimes committed in the courthouse, to responding to medical emergencies. The Court Unit ensures courtroom safety for court staff, the general public and the incarcerated individuals. The Court Unit is responsible for arrest and processing of any individual with an active warrant or one that is remanded into the custody of the Sheriff at the direction of the Courts, this includes juveniles. The Court Unit escorts all incarcerated individuals to court for their scheduled appearances. From initial Advisements to Motions to Trials and finally Sentencing the Court Unit insures that the inmates are in the proper court at all designated times. The Court Unit provides transport for all inmates from Detention Center to the appropriate courts.

Court Officers