Office of Professional Responsibility

The Office of Professional Responsibility, under the command of the Chief Warrant Officer, oversees Policy & Procedures Accreditation, Internal Affairs, Inspections, and Pre-Employment investigation functions of the Sheriff’s Office.

The development and distribution of the Sheriff's Office policies and standard operating procedures are maintained by the Accreditation Manager. Internal Affairs investigations frequently stem from allegations relating to these same policies and procedures. By merging these areas of responsibility, necessary revisions to the Sheriff's Office policies and procedures are identified and implemented through a more timely process. Periodical inspections of administrative and operational functions are conducted to assure compliance and validity of standing policies and procedures. Conflicts with accreditation (CALEA-NJ) standards are also readily identified and addressed.

The selection of quality individuals for positions with the Sheriff's Office is vital to provide professional law enforcement services to the Atlantic County community. The order of selections is incumbent upon a thorough background investigation to assure applicants are amenable to adhere to the level of professionalism the community expects and that the policies and standard operating procedures require.